Electrotards and Vidiots

Justice Is Served

One of the first things that a newly racially aware Caucasian person realizes, if not the first, is that our adversaries own the mass media, both figuratively and literally. The quickness of this revelation is not particularly surprising because, even among those that have not yet awakened, the majority of people have a sense that something is desperately wrong, and that those cables and wires spew raw sewage into our homes and our children’s minds 24-hours a day.

The question is: What are you doing about it? Tragically, the answer is probably absolutely nothing. Why are you doing nothing? The likely answer is that you are even more hopelessly addicted to the sick, passive stimulation than your children are. I know this from personal experience because I’ve banished television, and later other electronics, from my home a number of times. The kids’ withdrawal-induced irritability was nothing compared to mine.

We’ve had the phenomenon of “vidiots”, people who spend every possible waking moment with their eyes glued to a glowing screen, since the birth of television. Video games and home computers only exacerbated the problem, as our national obesity problem attests. Our problem, however, has worsened in recent years and given birth to what I call “electrotards”, people who are never detached from some electronic device during any waking moment. Now that we have cell phones that do everything, person portable radio and mp3 players, laptops, and hand-held video games, the former vidiots are no longer tied to a video screen at a fixed location and can check their FaceBook status while swerving their three-ton SUVs into our lane.

As frightening as are distracted drivers and as annoying as are loud-mouthed cell phone jockeys, there is a far greater concern in the long term. The most insidious effect of all of this is that the average person no longer gets much of a break from the depravity and dog-faced lies of our adversaries. A brain that is continually bombarded with some message will eventually internalize that message,whether it is true or not. It is an outrage when that is done to you. It is simply insane when you do that to yourself, or allow it to be done to your loved ones.

If you can find the personal strength to do so, I recommend that you banish most of this pernicious technology from your home, and what you cannot banish you should strictly reduce in scope, or confine to uses that advance the cause. I promise you it will not be easy. Your twitchy irritability will be exceeded only by that of your spouse. Your children will howl like scalded dogs and will throw tantrums the likes of which you have not seen since they were two.

Yet, something else will happen as well. The howling and tantrums will subside, then disappear entirely. Your children will play games with each other, read, listen to music, or just go outside to play. You and your spouse will rediscover each other and perhaps fall in love all over again. I have personal experience with those outcomes as well. You will rediscover the importance of real life, and realize once again that the mass media is most emphatically not real life.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of the finest examples of a hate-mongering minority racist you could imagine. I was glad to have met him, even though an hour of talking to him was like a year in some kind of intellectual Hell. I was glad because I learned things from him that more taciturn and thoughtful minority racists would never say to a WASPy blue-eyed devil such as me. He was not my usual partner, but because we usually worked in isolated two-man teams and I worked for that company for six years, I can honestly say that I had to spend literally many days of my life with the man. He would often be friendly, but stated explicitly that we weren’t friends and that he held my race, my culture, my nation, and my religion in the utmost contempt.

I’ll just shorten his name to Henry A.

Henry was a Mexican, not a Mexican-American, by his own declared convictions. As deplorable as many Americans find the dreaded hyphenated American, Henry was worse. He didn’t want the good name of Mexico sullied in such an association. Even though his family had lived in the US for generations.

Henry had an ex-wife he liked to badmouth. She was a black woman of similar attitude and they produced one child who looked just like the curly-headed kid in the old Oscar Meyer commercials (“My bologna has a first name…..”) After a session of particularly vitriolic denunciations of her, I asked him how the hell two such incompatible people had ever gotten together in the first place. He looked at me as if I had lost my mind and told me they had plenty in common. Naturally, I asked what, to which he replied condescendingly, “We both hate white people.” Logic was not Henry’s strong suit, and he considered consistency to be a tool of white oppression.

Even I, however, never fully grasped the depths of illogic and unreason that lurk in the minority racist’s mind and soul until Henry showed them to me. One day Henry was “treating” me to a diatribe about the injustice of American society that compelled him to live an impoverished lifestyle in the scummiest part of town. Then, to my shock and horror, he invoked me as an exemplar of that injustice. Of course, I demanded to know what he based that on. My offense, as it turns out was that I owned my own home (and I had since I was 19), lived in a good neighborhood by the river and the biggest park in town, and worst of all I drove a new car. Henry, on the other hand lived in the slummiest neighborhood in town with a sky-high crime rate, few amenities, and he drove a 10-year old car. Since we both worked the same job at the same rate of pay for the same number of hours and lived such disparate lifestyles, he proclaimed that disparity as ironclad proof of the viciously unfair nature of American society.

I probably just should have pointed out that dozens of Latinos at the company lived as well or better than I did and dropped the issue. But no, I had to try to help the guy out. It was obvious to me; Henry had no clue about the real reason that he was poor. So I started asking him questions.

I asked him if he and his woman drank, then smoked cigarettes, then snuff, then smoked marijuana, used other drugs, and if they gambled. All of which questions were answered in the affirmative along with angry demands to know why the questions were relevant. Henry daily drank beer, tequila, and whiskey. He smoked multiple packs of cigarettes a day and “dipped” snuff as well. He and his wife smoked marijuana daily, along with other drugs as availability permitted. He also enjoy losing a few bucks at the card table.

I had Henry right where I wanted him, I thought. I was sure my logic would show him the error of his ways and he would either change, or at least stop being such an insufferable bigot. I questioned him about the price associated with each of his “hobbies” and he reluctantly gave them to me. When he was done, I added them all up and came up with a figure I was certain would prove my point. The combined costs of his and his woman’s vices alone were higher than my first and second mortgages, car payments, all utilities, and food and gas costs—combined. I happily announced that he could live as well as I did in my neighborhood if he quit drinking, doping, smoking, dipping, and gambling as I had done. What did I get for my efforts? The following statement:

“That’s just like you peckerwoods. Always trying to tell us people of color how to live.”

Naturally, Henry doesn’t speak for his entire demographic group, but possibly the majority of it. He holds and speaks the thoughts of millions of people that live in this country. It is bad enough when we have people who can’t understand that having your cake and eating it too are mutually exclusive. It is worse when we have people like Henry who believe, and demand, that he have his cake and eat it too. Also, that you make the cake, deliver it to him, feed it to him, and then apologize because the cake wasn’t chocolate. My point? It is simply this:

I’ve put forward this example, and will put forth others, to illustrate that America’s false reverence for compromise and accommodation need to end. Certainly we should try to come to a mutually beneficial agreement (not compromise or appeasement) whenever possible. If, however, it isn’t possible then you must strive to win the conflict, or you’re an idiot. Six years of reasoning with Henry A. never availed me of anything, except unnecessary stress. In the end, his heart and mind were as rotten with hate as when I started. Henry A., and others of his ilk, can only be beaten. If we don’t fight them now, we’ll be obeying them later.

How Learning Will Be Smuggled Into Public Schools in the Future

I had a truly horrifying and life-changing experience with my daughter some time back. Due to my remote location, my visitation requires multi-hour drives to the airport. She and I use these long drives to get reacquainted. During one such drive, a radio report came on detailing the latest round of Obama mischief, which set me to grousing as usual. My girl asked me why I disliked Obama so much and I tried to explain, but she couldn’t follow me. You see, it seems my lovely 4th-grade honor student had never heard of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the British Empire, the Revolutionary War, or most anything about the Founding. However, she did perk up when I mentioned the Founding Fathers and told me she had learned about them, so I asked her what she had learned. Imagine my horror as my little girl proudly informed me, “They were bad men who owned slaves.” Since then, I’ve invested considerable time in deprogramming my girl.

To any thinking person, this is just more proof of what we already knew. The public (that is, government) education system is rotten to the core. That rotten core’s function being, of course, the progressive socializing of our children at the expense of mere factual knowledge and mundane skills. Educational reform will remain an impotent joke as long as that core remains at the heart of public education. That which fails and cannot be reformed must be replaced.

So, what about those of us whose children are trapped in the public education system with neither reform nor replacement as options? Once again, activism is the answer. The best long-term solution would be to bypass the public education system entirely and found our own schools, homeschool, or use educational co-ops to see that our values are taught to our children and reinforced. Probably the quickest way to achieve this goal would be to join up with like-minded individuals and do all you can to breathe life back into proposals for voucher systems. This simplest and most logical of means to achieve universal education was and is suspiciously overlooked by various governments in their rush to establish coercive government monopolies.

The best short- and mid-term strategy is to hold our noses and jump into the public education mire ourselves and infiltrate the beast as stealth reformers. Those of us that can play the game, without being captured by the system, need to fill as many teaching, administrative, and school board positions as we can. We know this strategy works because it’s how we woke up in bed with the present education bureaucracy in the first place.

I’ve applied these principles to my own life. I taught in public schools for 3 years, but I’m not a man who suffers fools glady, which made it difficult to work with public school administrators. Now, my son and I are working to start an after-school program which emphasizes non-PC American history and traditional values. Let’s get started, our adversaries are fighting for our children’s minds–and they’re winning.

There is an old truism that states: “All things come to he who waits” I’ve come to despise that truism because, like about half of all truisms, it’s false. I’ve found in life that nothing much comes to he who waits. Particularly if that individual is waiting for the folks around him to wise up. That kind of wishful thinking is what got us the Clinton second term and the Obama any term.

Like any good American, I love my people, but sheer honesty forces me to admit that all too many of my brothers and sisters offer up a perpetual child-like gullibility and no detectable long-term memory. No matter how  things are, that’s how they’ve always been. Things will always be this bad. Things will always be this great. Housing prices will always go up. Housing prices will never go back up. These folks tend to believe the same mainstream media lies that they believed yesterday, and that they will believe again tomorrow.

If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a decent world, don’t wait for it. Make it happen. Don’t be discouraged if kindred spirits are few and far between. That just means you’re indispensable. Congratulations. Not everyone can say that.

Most of all, remember that only two things comes to he who waits: Old age and frustration.

Beware the Student Loan Trap

Department of Education

Debt is bad. Let’s get that straight at the outset. The world is awash with financial wizard wannabes that will tell you otherwise. So, let’s get something else straight, in this society if you owe someone money then they own you. If you are in debt, you are in bondage, and the deeper the debt the more unforgiving the bonds that hold you. You should also remember while you struggle in your bonds, that desperate times make for desperate masters.

Among the cruel tricks played on naive and inexperienced college students, student loans rank second only to the ultra high rate student credit cards foisted upon the young the second they set foot on campus. Advisers on campus frequently tell students that education is the only thing in the world worth going into debt for. Please consider that colleges are in the business of selling education and act accordingly. Those same advisers will frequently dismiss concerns about repayment of student loans by telling you that an education can’t be repossessed. Technically, that’s true, but the government can and will slap a lien on your entire life in lieu of that.

I beg you as a fellow human being to take my example and not make that mistake. I’m a naturally debt-phobic persons who likes to pay as he goes. Nevertheless, I took out a series of student loans in college in order to stop a future ex-wife’s bitching. She assured me she would help pay them off later. Yeah, right.

Well, things happen. The economy tanks and I take a 40% reduction in income at the same time the ex goes to court and gets her child support tripled. I couldn’t make ends meet and pay students loans also. I was literally living paycheck to paycheck. You can stall the student loan mafia for a while, but not indefinitely. Eventually, they will come for you. That’s what happened to me.

The day came when I was informed that I could afford to pay $760 a month for nine years and there was no need for me to do anything as they would be taking it out of my checking it account. My pleas for mercy went unheeded until I told them I would quit my job and they would get nothing. Their idea of a compromise was $440 a month, for 29 years.

So, that’s where I am now. Please, take my advice. Don’t be a government slave. Don’t fall into the student loan trap.

“2012” Movie

Finally got around to watching “2012”. Wishing I had listened to the advice I had gotten and passed on it. God-awful junk science: neutrinos suddenly start interacting extensively with matter and start cooking the Earth from the inside out, etc. The usual worn-out multicultural tropes: only the minorities were able to figure out the problem, ancient people knew better than modern science, only the Chinese were capable of performing the Herculean tasks needed to save even a portion of the day, the bad guy is a middle-aged white man, etc. The makers of the movie try to compensate for the movies shortcomings by beating viewer over the head with a massive overuse of special effects. I’m glad I missed this loser at the theater, I’d still be crying for my eight bucks.

This is my second most popular post from the old blog. Included for the same reason as before.

necromongers.jpgI don’t know how many of you folks out there are science fiction or fantasy fans. If you’re not, I think it’s your loss. Despite what your bitchy old maid English teacher told you in Jr. High School, it’s just as legitimate a literature as any other and asks the big questions about the “human condition” just as well as any other, sometimes better. After all, what’s more important than the future and the genre provides an excellent opportunity for “if this goes on” kinds of stories.

Naturally, the message people draw from these stories depend a lot on what they bring to the story with them. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is a classic example. It is excellently written with a depth and attention to detail one seldom sees. Virtually everyone who reads the books insists on seeing them as allegorical, i.e. one extended metaphor from cover to cover. I’ve met people who see an object lesson on abandoning traditional values, others who see the Second World War acted out in a commentary on fascism, still other see an environmental angle with the Ents. Lots of us have met hippy folk in the 60s and 70s quite convinced the stories foretold the peace, love, and dope generation. So much so that they insist the Hobbit’s pipeweed is marijuana. The point being that despite the author’s intention a reader may take a totally different message home than the author intended. And no, that admission doesn’t legitimize that stupid deconstructionist crap.

So it is with the movie Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel, a sorta, kinda sequel to Pitch Black. I enjoyed the movie greatly. I thought it was great story, although many might find it too dark in tone. This wasn’t a problem for me since I like my entertainment a little on the dark side. I’m one of those people that find people who are always chipper and happy intolerable. Morning people are particularly irritating. If you see me chipper and happy go-lucky, it’s probably raining. But I digress.

I’m not going to go all through the movie, so for the 3 or 4 of you who haven’t seen it, grab the DVD. I’m going to concern myself with the heavies in the movie, the Necromongers. I found these blood-thirsty closed-minded homicide machines to be a perfect metaphor for our present day Muslims. Ironically, one of the first people they waste in the film is a Muslim Imam. I know, I know. Muslims? In the future? It doesn’t compute, but no movie is perfect.

The Necromonger’s religious beliefs are beyond bizarre, they are demonstrably insane. In order to achieve their paradise, the UnderVerse, they are dedicated to setting things right. Unfortunately for everybody that isn’t one of them, the Necromongers consider life itself to be a cosmic mistake, a tragic accident, a cosmic infestation if you will. They are literally a death cult. They practice what they preach by sterilizing themselves when they become Necromongers to prevent themselves from adding to the problem. Consequently, they increase only by conversion, which is easier than it sounds since the only other choice is to be murdered. Sound familiar? This is their only function. They travel from place to place, planet to planet, and destroy everything the find. Those that will convert are converted into killing machines themselves. Everyone that won’t is killed. Then the process is repeated somewhere else. They are relentless and are too far gone to be reasoned with. They know that their cause is righteous and the only way; they will brook no disagreement. That should also sound familiar.


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